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Service phone 28300769 without holidays.

You can call service technicians in the following ways:

1. Send an SMS to your mobile phone number 28300769 and indicate your contact details by specifying the address, fuel type, boiler brand and preferred model. If there are any complaints about the operation of the boiler, then they are also short. (anytime)

2. Sending E-mail to and indicating the address, fuel type, boiler brand and preferred model, your contact information. If there are any complaints about the operation of the boiler, then they are also short. (Anytime)

 3. When calling to phone 28300769 (during working hours)




Service cost by agreement

Enter service.

The proper installation and maintenance of boilers is a very important condition for long technical work and perfect operation, according to their importance.

Quite often, the boilers are installed by low-skilled workers, not even observing the elemental safety conditions in boiler discharges, not to mention the manufacturer's technical requirements for boilers to work well. The result, an unsatisfied customer, blames the boiler for its wrong operation, we have to go through an inspection of the potential manufacturer's deficiencies in the pot, and the customer must again spend money on doing something once. Therefore, the boilers give you a guarantee only after it has been launched by our trained master, whose coordinates you can get by calling and asking us.

We offer our customers the warranty and post-guarantee service of our distributed products, by concluding contracts with our cooperation partners who are trained by the manufacturer's factories, throughout Latvia. In turn, technicians who are engaged in heating technology want to invite themselves to training to provide full service to customers, boiler start-up and maintenance.

Service contracts can be of three types:

Call a technician by telephone, post or otherwise, and he will do the necessary work.

A contract for a one-time service, when a technician will come to you once a year to service the equipment, by telephoning you in advance and agreeing on time.

Full service contract, when a technician arrives once a year, in advance of making a call to you and agreeing on time. Such a contract includes a bonus for the technician's free work, if you have a problem with the equipment and you need specialist work and parts, parts outside the warranty period are for a fee but with discounts, reasonable transport costs will be charged. In addition, the time of arrival of a technician will be set aside in hours.


Maintenance and repair of gas, electric and diesel fuel boilers and burners PROTHERM, HANSA, BENTONE, OILON, BALTTUR

We would like to remind potential and existing owners of gas boilers, before you put them on the boiler master, make sure they have a certificate that allows them to operate gas appliances.

For gas boilers, it is important to check the gas pipeline connection leakage, the pressure in the compensation tank, the correct position and operation of the safety valve, the rotation of the circulation pump rotor, and the adjustment of the gas fitting to the required power and the gas supply pressure and type of hot water preparation and heating. All gas-fired boilers are designed for use in natural gas. If there is another gas type, then it is necessary to replace the dies and to necessarily adjust the outlet pressures of the gas valve. During maintenance, all of the above is checked and, in addition, the cleaning and calibration of the required nodes are performed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Maintenance of the boiler will not only extend the life of the appliance, but also significantly reduce the risk that the boiler may stop on a Christmas night when the thermometer is well below zero.

In the case of boiler fired boilers, it is also necessary to use the correct positioning of the safety components in the outlet and their operation, and the burner adjustment, which can be performed precisely with the help of a specialist computer, must be taken into account, which is not available to all technicians.

To find the nearest service technician for whom we know the affairs, call us at 7611627 and we will give you contacts.

Liquid fuel boilers need to be adjusted after each refueling, because the fuel composition changes, so that the tanks are better set up so that the fuel is sufficient for the whole season.

Maintenance and repair of solid fuel boilers "VIENYBE", "VIGAS", "ATMOS" and cast iron boilers

For potential and existing hard boiler owners, please note that, like all other equipment, these boilers require maintenance at least once a year. Also, during the warranty, the warranty will be extended to the following year, maintenance is required. The masters who we have mastered and tested on their knowledge are entitled to install these boilers and give assurances that the system is assembled correctly and will protect the boiler from improper and dangerous operation if the boiler is installed by other heating specialists. These people are entitled to check the installation of the system in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, take the first boiler up and train the user to work with this machine.

To find the nearest service technician for whom we know the affairs, call us at 29373142 and we will give you contacts.


Maintenance and repair of water supply systems.

As far as water supply systems are concerned, there is also a technique to be monitored and maintenance needs to be checked, for example, once every 3 months for the hydrophore and, if necessary, to supplement the air pressure, on the membrane air side.

Hot water boilers need to clean the tank once a year and change the magnesium anode that protects the container from corrosion.


Do it ourselves.

For solid fuel boiler maintenance and water supply system maintenance, if you are a technical person, after reading the instruction, you can do the same yourself. We will not refuse your advice if you do not understand how to do it. He can call us for sure and we will definitely work together.




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